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Scientific Instruments
We take delight in introducing our new line of Scientific Instruments, which includes a complete range of laboratory testing equipments.
Quality And Durability : We will continue to manufacture and maintain high quality products with certified raw materials.
Pre Tested Equipment : All equipments are rigorously tested for 48 hours in working condition prior to dispatch under stringent supervision.
Easy Installation And Operation : All our equipments are easy to operate and install. We provide a detailed operating manual with each machine. We also send our engineer to the clients location for installation.
After Sales Services : All the spares are easily available and can be supplied.
Guarantee : We provide guarantee card for the period of 12 months from the date of purchase.
Portable Tablet Hardness Tester
VTHT Series
Automatic Hardness Tester
VA–THT Series
Dissolution Testers
VDS Series
Disintegration Tester
VDT Series
Tablet Friability Tester
VFT Series
Tablet Tester Four in One
(Hardness Friability Dissolution & Disintegration Combine)
V4T Series
Tablet Tester Two in One
(Hardness with Friability Combine)
V2T Series
Melting Point Apparatus
VMP Series
Motor Stirrer
VMS Series
Tablet Thickness & Diameter Tester
VTDT Series
Bottle Cap Torque Tester
VBT Series
Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker & Test Sieves
VSS Series
Digital Push Pull Force Gauges
VG Series